Larisa Nuhanovic

Larisa Nuhanovic

Larisa started her career in digital marketing in 2009 at Via Media, a leading full-service marketing agency in B&H. As Head of Digital Marketing, she led the digital team at Via Media and worked to develop and implement digital strategies for major international and local brands. The innovative projects and campaigns she worked on, in addition to exceptional results generated for clients, also won numerous awards. As VP of Marketing and Business Strategy at HUB387 and ACADEMY387, she was actively involved in the local tech and startup ecosystem. Currently, as a Marketing Director at the global SaaS company Forsta, she works on developing and implementing performance-driven campaigns.


“The LEADER program is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to start a business, improve an existing business, or simply gain a hands-on understanding of the ins and outs of operating a successful business.”

  • Muamer Hadžić
    " The experience from the LEADER program allowed me to make new strategies about my business development and helped me to recognize what I can improve in all areas of business."
  • Dina Šiber
    A very precise to-the-point approach that can help you easily grasp important aspects of all covered business related subjects. The lectures are indispensable for anybody embarking into new business ventures, whether a start-up or an established corporation. Great advice from world class faculty that has industry relevance.
  • Samir Avdibegović
    "Considering LEADER project - it was very much useful, and I learned a lot of things. Canadian students from Ivey business school really have great knowledge when it comes to business. They really know their business. I'm very grateful for LEADER project to everyone who made it possible, organizers, students and financiers. I'd love to attend it again. Thank you!"

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