LEADER Project provided four (4) instructors chosen from the Ivey Business School from PhD, Masters of Business Administration, and/or Honours Business Administration programs to deliver the LEADER program;

***All instructors for the LEADER Project are trained by Ivey’s unique case method
of teaching, and use a curriculum built from world-class case studies written at Ivey.

Renowned for its Case-Method of Learning, Ivey is one of the two most important producers of business cases in the world alongside Harvard

David Humphrey

David’s professional experience has been focused on the real estate industry. He has played a lead role in over $400M of transactions and $4B of new development activity across the Americas. After his MBA, David will be joining the Boston Consulting Group.

Erica Yarmol-Matusiak

Erica is a third-year student with experience in technology consulting at Deloitte and a passion for healthcare. She is interested in pursuing a career in strategy consulting post-graduation and using technology to drive change in emerging markets.

Tyson Denhamer

Tyson spent 3 years working as an associate at Bank of Montreal in the Wealth Management division. His team managed over 300 households and a billion dollars in investible assets. He’s also held coaching roles with numerous organizations as a basketball coach.

Amy Wang

Amy is a fourth-year student with experience in the technology industry and corporate strategy.
Previously, she’s worked in software engineering, consulting, and will be joining Google as a product manager.