LEADER Teaching Approach is

Ivey Business School


Program will be delivered to one (1) class through ten 4-hour sessions over the 2 week period; each session includes one (1) case study, one (1) lecture, and one (1) hour of entrepreneurial coaching; LEADER will design a curriculum best suited to the participant’s skill set and region;

What will you take away?

Analytical tools, thought processes, and decision-making skills which are elementary for any entrepreneur and manager to overcome challenges and to progress.

  • Simulates a real situation faced by a business leader
  • They are ambiguous, training participants to make confident decisions under
  • uncertainty
  • Require decisions, forcing participants to ‘learn by doing’
  • Provide analytical tools for envisioning, launching, and scaling new ventures
  • Educate participants on core business disciplines tailored to entrepreneurs
Marketing | Operations Finance Strategy Human Resource Management
  • Opportunities for one-on-one support based on the entrepreneurs’ needs
  • Optional 15-30-minute one-on-one sessions
  • Scheduled ahead of time in the afternoon. Morning coaching times can be scheduled upon special request.
  • Students are trained with executive coach guidance on how to get the most out of students
  • Provide an opportunity to bridge cultural gaps
  • Deliver step-by-step support to entrepreneurs as they develop business plans
  • Allow entrepreneurs to apply new analytical skills
  • Provide re-useable materials for reference and lasting impact after students depart the teaching site

Are you interested in the program?

Envision, launch, or scale new ventures!


MBA-styled Entrepreneurial Program

LEADER is an MBA-styled, ten-day workshop in Sarajevo. It gathers entrepreneurs, managers, company owners and young professionals. At the end of the business skills training, they will develop a business plan and present their business pitch to potential investors.

Envision, launch, or scale new ventures!

Are you excited to create with us the business plan for your startup? Welcome!